Programme Management

The Management Team

Lovemore Bingandadi

Project Coordinator

Lovemore Bingandadi is a manager and consultant with 40 years of experience in transport, infrastructure development, and trade facilitation in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Lovemore’s extensive experience in the field has gained him expert knowledge on many facets of transport development in Africa, including:

  • Legal, Policy, and Regulatory reform
  • Transport and Trade Facilitation
  • Spatial Development Initiatives
  • Transport Corridor Development
  • Restructuring of State Owned Transport Enterprises
  • Training, Capacity, and Institutional Development

Gerrit Fischer

Team Leader

Gerrit Fischer is an experienced transportation and systems engineer with relevant professional experience of over 25 years in the transportation sector of government, in particular in development of information management systems.

He currently serves on the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC17/WG10, a joint initiative of the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). He has excelled as team leader of multidisciplinary teams on multiple occasions, completing projects such as the design and development of the National Traffic Information System, new generation Driving Licence, and National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code in South Africa. Gerrit has actively participated in projects relating to cross border transport policy development, regulation and harmonization in the region for the development of the SADC Model Road Traffic Act and Subsidiary Regulations (Road Traffic Model Statute), harmonisation of the SADC model driving licence and the liberalisation of the SADC cross-border permit system. His work in South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho has also granted him extensive experience in strategy and implementation plan development for relevant cross border or regional projects. Gerrit has also aided in the harmonisation of international road traffic regulation by active participation in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Working Party on Traffic Safety (WP.1) work programme to amend and modernise the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic of 1949 and the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 1968.

Godwin Punungwe

SADC Transport Coordinator

Godwin Punungwe is a strategic thinker and results-oriented Transport, Transit and Trade Facilitation Adviser, Transport Corridor Management Specialist, and Regional Cooperation and Integration Specialist with a passion for contributing to development, especially in Africa.

Over 35 years of experience in railways, road transport and trade facilitation in Sub-Saharan African countries with particular focus in the SADC region where he has worked on promoting implementation of One Stop Border Posts, introducing Coordinated Border Management (which reduced time road trucks take to cross some borders), design of a Corridor Performance Monitoring System based on road transport, promoting National Single Window Systems to expedite exports and imports clearance processes, establishing Corridor Management Institutions, promoting Customs Connectivity for road transport cost reduction, and undertaking a study on sustainable funding of Corridor Management Institutions.

Gratian Rutaserwa

EAC Transport Coordinator

Gratian Rutaserwa has been actively involved in providing technical support, specialist advice and coordination for the EAC.

Gratian participated in many East African Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (EATTFP) projects, including the Curriculum for Training of Drivers for Passengers and Heavy Good Vehicles, the East African Railways Master Plan, the East African Transport Strategy and Regional Roads Sector Development program, the East African Transport Facilitation Strategy,  an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study for Construction of Rusumo International Bridge and Rusumo One Stop Border Post,  the East African Community Vehicle Load Control Act, the East African Community One Stop Border Post Act,  the East African Community Vehicle Load Control Regulations, the East African Community One Stop Border Post Regulations, and the provision of Audit Consultancy Services for East African Trade and Transport Facilitation Project.

Demetria Hatoongo-Mudenda

COMESA Transport Coordinator

Demetria Hatoongo-Mudenda is a seasoned transport and customs sector legal expert, with in-depth knowledge of the owing to over 9 years of legal expertise in the public sector.

Demetria has extensive experience with international development partner funded projects. An expert in comprehensive project cycle management, Demetria has delivered sector coordination, leadership, institutional capacity building, and team building. Demetria has provided National Legal Counsel in the Road Transport and Safety Agency, being responsible for the coordination and facilitation of regional and international development partner projects such as:

  • COMESA Transport Policy Programmes
  • Regional Transport Development Corridor Interventions
  • Bilateral Road Transport Agreements

Managing Firms

Fischer Consulting

Founded in 1988, Fischer Consulting is a management consultancy that develops, implements, manages, operates, and provides training for, among others, traffic, transport, information, and management systems.

Fischer Consulting seeks to advance economic development, social justice, a culture of human rights, and the democratisation of the workplace. Fischer Consulting strives to be a highly successful business that is recognised as the best in the fields in which it operates, by:

  • Striving towards excellence in the services and products it offers
  • Supplying products of superior quality that present long-term value to clients
  • Delivering services and products on time and within budget

Nathan Associates

Nathan Associates is a private international economic and analytics consulting firm that works with government and commercial clients around the globe to deliver practical solutions and achieve lasting results. Whether building frameworks for economic growth or navigating regulatory hurdles, securing infrastructure financing or evaluating and assessing disputes, Nathan’s experts serve as trusted partners, offering clients the analysis, technical advice, and strategies they need for sound decision-making.

Known for both technical and service excellence and with corporate offices in the US, London, and India and more than 40 program offices around the world, Nathan offers the following areas of expertise, honed since their founding in 1946:

  • International Development
  • Litigation & Expert Services
  • Infrastructure Project Development & Finance
  • Advisory Services